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Shieldly use technology that was originally created to protect high-risk banking systems. We provide anti-virus, anti-malware, unlimited cloud backup, proactive monitoring, anti-spyware, OS and application updates; all of which is monitored and managed by real engineers and cyber security experts.

Thousands trust Shieldly with their computers

  • I used Shieldly on my computer that had a virus on it and I could only fix it using Shieldly. It immediately located a Trojan virus and removed it, the computer was up and running again and no problems since that time. As soon as new viruses come Shieldly does a tremendous job of finding them and removing.
    Philip J.
  • Shieldly was recommended after I had a serious problem while using AVG which failed big time. After installation, it seems that Shieldly had cleared my machine with no problems since.
    Jane S.
  • Formerly used McAfee, but found it dreadful for performance. Changed to Shieldly just over a year ago and very happy since! Though only needed once, support was timely and professional.
    John C.
  • Awesome service. The company I work for uses it so I have it on my personal computer. I have never been hacked. It's great at stopping spyware and malware as well as viruses.
    Mike S.
  • Wound up with viruses with Norton and especially with AVG. Have used Shieldly for 2 years now and never had a problem. Service is really good and they check everything.
    Amy K.
  • Shieldly works flawlessly and has been a big help. We haven't had to take any machines down since we deployed it. It's one of the best computer services we use.
    Gary James
    Assistant Director
  • We know that protection is consistently deployed across our systems without affecting teacher and staff productivity. It just works.
    Jefrey Fishman
    Director of Technology and Information
  • Shieldly gives us the security of knowing that malware and ransomware will be quarantined before infecting student computers and teachers computers.
    Anthony Davis
    Technology Systems Administrator
  • We are very satisfied with Shieldly and consider it to be the most reliable and cost-effective cyber security product we’ve used to date.
    Eric Clement
    Office administrator
  • Malware was a big source of concern when it comes to maintaining HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance. Now we're sure that malware doesn't even get in to start with.
    David Hansell
    IT Manager
  • Shieldly is proactive protection. We see it block malware and ransomware every day. It works perfectly for us.
    Juan Williams
  • Shieldly has done a great job of keeping down virus infections. Someone that doesn't have any prior experience really can start with this and go.
    Amy Gallo
    Store owner
  • I run a small business and we are far from experts in computers. This looked like a quick and simple solution to protect our systems without having to spend too much time on it. It works great for us…
    David Jones
    Owner of accounting firm
  • My computer was driving me crazy and refused to work. My friend told me about Shieldly, I gave it a try. Wow. It works in background, set it and forget it. I’m sold!
    Philip J.
  • I took Shieldly for test drive. I had nothing to lose. What a relief, no blue screens, no alerts…! Thank you, your service is worth ten times what I'm paying for it.
    Mike S.
  • I no longer have to clean my parents computer every month since purchasing Shieldly for them! Threats that they were facing are stopped before they even hit their computer.
    Amy K.
  • I was using Shieldly for about 3 months when my hard drive died. Turns out Shieldly offered automated backup and all of my documents were safe! The support staff were very helpful with the recovery.
    John C.
  • I was leery of using a service like this… but I am so glad I did. My computer and I were fighting… and now we are best friends again… thanks to you Shieldly.
    Jane S.
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