Our mission is to deliver enterprise level security for everyone

Shieldly was founded on the premise that your computer should always run smoothly and efficiently without any effort on your part. Our team has over 25 year of experience working with high-risk enterprise level clients. Our proprietary systems enables us to remotely monitor, update and secure hundreds of thousands of PCs around the world.
Now more than ever consumers are at risk of losing their information or having a breach of data. Nearly three-quarters, 73 percent, of all Americans have fallen victim to some type of cyber-crime, more than 429 million personal records were stolen or lost in last year and crypto-ransomware attacks increased by 35%.

We here at Shieldly strive daily to enhance our technologies, ensure our customers of smooth system operation, and protect their information with enterprise level software.
We understand that problems happen, however, at Shieldly, our goal is to limit or completely eradicate any potential problem before it occurs. All this takes place in the background, seamlessly and without interruption. Our innovative service takes technical support to a new level, eliminating the need to waste countless hours fixing the issues. As technology evolves so do our product offerings in this ever-changing climate.

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