Top Frequently Asked Questions

1What exactly will Shieldly do for me?
Great question! We’ll enable you to use your computer, as it’s intended, fast and clean. We provide anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, unlimited backup and so much more. But here’s the best part: we maintain these solutions so they are always working properly!
2How are you different than my current anti-virus?
That’s like comparing an apple to an orchard. Anti-virus is one approach to staying on top of your security, which we include. We also provide anti-malware, unlimited cloud backup, proactive monitoring, anti-spyware, OS and application updates; all of which are monitored and managed by real engineers, so you can rest assured that you’re always running the latest, greatest and most secure machine. Why only have one apple, when you can have the orchard?
3How many plans do you offer?
We offer one plan, the plan that works. Properly securing your computer requires a multifaceted approach. We offer the one and only plan that covers it all AND with real live engineers behind the scenes making sure everything goes smoothly.
4Can you see my personal data?
At Shieldly, customer trust is our top priority. Shieldly only accesses and views information related to software and system parameters. All your personal and business data are stored securely and only accessible by you.
5I have more than 20 machines. What pricing model can you offer me?
Please contact us at
6How do I add more machines to my account?
Simply go to your Dashboard and under “my devices” you’ll have the ability to add as many machines as your heart desires.
1I installed Shieldly - but it isn't doing anything.
Incorrecto, my friend. Shieldly just doesn’t want to get in your way, we work while you work (and while you sleep). If at any point you want to see what’s going on, feel free to right click on the Shieldly icon on your toolbar. You can see threats blocked, updates completed, etc…
2I turn my computer off sometimes - is that a problem?
Absolutely not! We work around your schedule. Every once in a while computers need a reboot or refresh, just like us. Your machine is updated and maintained, while it’s connected online. You just use your computer as normally would, except after installing Shieldly, you’ll likely notice a faster and happier machine.
3Can you support my iPhone, Android or tablet?
Not at the moment, but stay tuned!
4Can I cancel my service?
At any time if you’re not fully satisfied, we will refund your money. However once service is canceled, we will no longer proactively monitor and secure your machine.
5 Are there minimum requirements for installing and using Shieldly?
Yes. First and foremost to properly install Shieldly, you need a working internet connection. Also the computer needs to be operating on at least Windows 10. If your computer is less than 8 years old and you have at least 100 Mbs of disk space, Shieldly will do it wonders.
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